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Aclium Pet Dryer

Aclium Pet Dryer

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Pre-Order Only, Estimated Delivery Date after 24th June 2024.

Introducing our Pet Dryer – a state-of-the-art grooming solution designed to make your pet care routine efficient and comfortable. Engineered with comprehensive drying capabilities, customizable settings, and advanced features, this pet dryer ensures a salon-quality grooming experience in the comfort of your home.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Drying Performance: Powerful air flows from the bottom, accommodating your pet's prone position and ensuring even coverage of hard-to-reach areas. This design significantly reduces drying time. Easily customize temperature, heat intensity, blowing speed, and drying time with the intuitive control panel.

  2. Efficient Ventilation System: Hundreds of venting holes guarantee sufficient air ventilation and exchange. Hot air is emitted directly, and fresh air replaces it immediately, creating a cozy and comfortable drying environment for your pet.

  3. Constant Temperature Control with Sensor: The embedded sensor enables constant temperature control, preventing over-heating and ensuring a safe grooming experience for your pet.

  4. Professional Grooming with Negative Ions: Negative ions are released during the drying process, acting as a professional groomer to make your pet's coat sleek and fluffy, enhancing their overall appearance.

  5. Durable Tempered Glass Construction: The dryer is built with tempered glass, providing scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-transparency features. This durable and riot-proof material ensures longevity and safety during use.

  6. Large-Capacity Box: With a spacious 60L capacity, the box is suitable for most cats and small breed dogs, offering ample space for a comfortable grooming experience.

Upgrade your pet grooming routine with our Pet Dryer – where innovation meets functionality for a professional and stress-free grooming experience at home. Enjoy the convenience of customizable settings and salon-quality results for your beloved pets.

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