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Aclium Water Fountain Filter Insert

Aclium Water Fountain Filter Insert

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Aclium Filter Cartridge is a cutting-edge filtration solution designed for use with compatible water fountains, such as the Aclium Cat/Dog Water Fountain Filter. Our cartridge employs a robust multi-stage filtration process, combining the effectiveness of:

- Filter sponge
- Activated carbon
- Ion-exchange resin

This comprehensive system ensures the delivery of pristine and purified water, providing your feline companion with a clean and healthy hydration experience.

Key Features:

- Advanced multi-layer anti-bacterial system
- Robust multi-stage filtration process
- Compatible with Aclium Cat/Dog Water Fountain Filter
- Ensures clean and healthy hydration for your pet

By choosing the Aclium Filter Cartridge, you can trust that your pet will have access to fresh and purified water, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Available in 1 PC or 5 PCS

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